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ABOUT PIHO                                         FOUNDATIONS OF THE ORGANIZATION


  • Provide high-quality officiating services to the ice hockey organizations, teams, associations, and tournaments under our jurisdiction.

  • Maintain the highest standards of officiating through training, education, and evaluation of our officiating staff in conjunction with our partners at Pittsburgh Elite Officiating Camps.

  • Support the growth and development of ice hockey officiating through the proactive recruitment of new officials. 

  • Promote the welfare of the game of ice hockey and its participants by encouraging safety, integrity, and sportsmanship. 

  • Be active members of and support the goals of USA Hockey, the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA), and other appropriate organizations. 


PIHO is dedicated to relentlessly serving the sport of ice hockey, creating and maintaining a reputation as the area’s premier hockey officiating organization, and consistently striving to be recognized among the best officiating organizations in the country through passion, integrity, accountability, and teamwork.



  • Strive for greater success through effort, execution, and energy.
  • Be prepared to perform and always give maximum effort.
  • Go beyond the required and exceed expectations.
  • Be teachable and seek opportunities for improvement.


  • Hold a genuine passion for hockey that fuels our dedication to the sport.
  • Be driven to perform our best by having fun and working hard.
  • Arrive and maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude.
  • Be self-motivated and refuse to complacency.


  • Be dedicated to repeatedly doing things correctly.
  • Be relentless advocates of the values, safety, and rules of the game of hockey.
  • Hold attitudes beyond reproach and behaviors beyond criticism.
  • Consistently align actions to standards and goals.


  • Expect the best from colleagues and expect high standards.
  • Improve the game of hockey through cooperation with all participants.
  • Accomplish the mission and actively help others do the same.
  • Committed to our teammates and to earning the respect of all participants.


  • PIHO offers its Officials the opportunity to succeed as an Ice Hockey Official and shall encourage them to advance to the highest level of officiating they are willing and able to obtain.

  • PIHO negotiates fair and competitive rates with its customers and, in turn, pay its Officials on time for the full, established rate for each billable game they work, or service they provide.

  • PIHO supplies its Officials with supportive leaders that earn their trust through integrity; treat Officials with dignity, respect, and honesty in every way; and quickly respond to Official's suggestions and concerns.

  • PIHO employs qualified supervisors to challenge its Officials to learn and grow through on-going feedback and timely evaluations.  If an Official's performance can be improved in any way, that Official will be counseled with honesty and given a clear path to progress.

  • PIHO assigns Officials to games that are appropriate for their level of experience, ability, and performance.  The Organization shall seek to reward its Officials for performance that consistently exceeds expectations through game assignments of increasing quality and/or quantity.

  • PIHO provides its Officials with access to adequate resources on the current rules, standards, and procedures used to officiate the leagues and levels served.  The Organization shall invest time, resources, and money to maintain and update these tools.

  • PIHO gives its Officials ample notice of regular game assignments and events. 

  • PIHO ensures Officials will have safe and acceptable working conditions to perform their duties at each game and every venue.  The Organization shall immediately seek to address any situation where these conditions do not meet reasonable expectations.